Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wee Mouse

Good morning all, from sunny Perth, WA. Summer is on its way - at last.

It's been a very wet winter this year, not so cold, but record rainfall. Well, we do really need it. Gearing up for hot, hot, hot.

Well, it will be when I return from Scotland - I do believe it will be a little (LITTLE!!!!) bit colder there. I don't think I could survive a full Scottish winter. I am so acclimatised to Australian heat now. Love it.

Anyway - to my little card. This wee House Mouse (isn't he adorable) is skipping his way to a very good blogging friend, who always makes me smile xx

I have used Basic Grey papers and stamped the wee mouse onto what looks like biscuits (too cute). They're obviously chipboard.

Would love to get those gorgeous nestabilities for the Cuttlebug, but have been unable to source them in Oz.

Should be able to get them over in Scotland, so if anybody knows where I can get them while I'm home I would be grateful for the info.

I will be visiting Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayr and Dumfries while I am there (family research), so if you know a store that sells them in those areas, please let me know before I go.

Still looking into internet access on my laptop while I am there - all too confusing for a techy novice - don't want to run up my Dad's phone bill - he would have a freak (dinosaur) - love him dearly!!

I can't imagine not being able to blog hop and post for a whole month - and I would miss you all too much - HELP!!!!

Love Jane


Peet said...

Jane, this is beautiful!!!!

Curt in Carmel said...

What a marvelous card! I LOVE that little mouse! Adorable! Best, Curt

Ann said...

Jane - there's n art store in Glasgow's Stockwell St, called Millers - I'll enquire about the nestabilities for you if you wish as they take orders. Email me for further info, my email is in my profile page!! Hope this helps!!
Hugs. Ann xxx