Sunday, August 31, 2008


A layout today of my friend back home in Scotland (who I'll see again in three weeks!! Yay!!!).

I haven't been home for two years, the difficult part of emigrating to a far away land. Looking forward to spending a whole month with family and friends. Along with family research I have to do...

Most of this layout has been done with my Cricut - the title, wee envelope, flourishes, picture frame and the scalloped border.

I have used Dimensional Magic on the larger flourish, I love the beautiful shine it gives to an embellishment.
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Love Jane

Thursday, August 28, 2008


What do you think of the title? Really original, huh!!

This is Blue Bunny. He is actually mine, an Easter present from DH back in 2001. Well, DGD has fallen in love with him, and drags him around the house by his ears!

He is nearly the same size as her, and a few months ago he was the same size, but, as nature intended, she is growing way fast, but still struggles to carry him.

It is way too cute watching her struggle along with him in tow - happy memories to look back on.

I have used Teresa Collins Journal-It Tags and Bazzill c/s to create the little concertina book, that is a great show case for lots of photo's on one page.

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Love Jane

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hello everybody, thanks for stopping by. I have a layout of my Mum today from a photo taken in 1972.

I have used Heidi Swapp papers - the pink paper came with a perforated addition that contained the three little frames on the page, an excellent idea I thought, and the bird and photo mat were cut from a second sheet of houndstooth pattern, love it.

That's a rub on, on the letter M and a wee bit of masking to stamp on the rectangular frame, was quite happy with the way they came out, need to try that again LOL!!

Mum made the dress she is wearing, very '70s. She was an excellent dressmaker, made most of her own clothes, mine too, during the 60s and 70s. At one stage she even made identical outfits for us - mother and daughter - but that's another story. After all it was the 70's - way cool!!

I remember a story from my childhood, one day when Dad came home from work, he was amazed to find 'Mum' riding a bike - what in heaven's name is Martha doing on Jane's bike? I can just imagine his expression!!

Of course, it wasn't Mum, it was me. But how was Dad to tell, I had on an identical outfit to one of Mum's, and how's a man to know!!LOL

Will need to do a page of us from back then, and you will see how identical we were, down to hair length and colour.

Miss you Mum.

Have you noticed my new award on the left of page. From my beautiful blogging friend Curt in USA. I have been visiting his blog since he started his journey in blog land and he has been a regular visitor of mine.

I am just so happy that I inspire anybody, and if you have a look at his site, and some of the beautiful cards he makes, I am very honoured to receive this award from him. Thank you Curt xx Link to his site also on left of page.

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Love Jane

Saturday, August 23, 2008

3rd BRAK

3rd, and last for now BRAK. I know - they're all pretty similar, but as these are my first, and they're going out to ladies I don't actually know, I wanted to keep things pretty simple, will endeavour to be more adventurous with the next batch - watch this space!! LOL

In saying that, I have made up a pretty cool verse for the inside of the cards, but you'll have to join Jen's BRAK and have a card sent from me to read it, hee hee!!

Will return to scrapbook pages next posting.

See you on your blog soon

Love Jane

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another BRAK

Another card winging its way across the oceans - to the USA no less - as part of Jen's Birthday RAK.

Having fun making these cards, using up lots of stash, and they're so quick to put together, not like a 12x12 page at all - don't need to try and match photo's to paper etc!!

Well, Cricut Club is over for another month. Excellent turn out this month, at both sessions, and a good time had by all. I took some photo's of the afternoon group, and if they've turned out OK will post a couple later.

Having a quiet day at home today, working the Friday Frenzy tonight, 6pm to MN. So, will try and do a little scrapping to pass the time. Hope you have a good day too, thanks for looking.

Love Jane

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Birthday RAK

This is my first card for Jen's Birthday RAK, and it is currently winging its way to Canada!!
This brilliant idea is the brainchild of Jen from Hawaii - visit her blog at for all the details.
When you become a member of the Birthday RAK Club, you are given access to the calendar of birthdays of the members, and then you send them a birthday card - easy. There are two on the way to the USA as well, how exciting (will post them over the next couple of days).
I don't really have time to enter all the brilliant challenges set down on the different blogs, though I would really love to. So, I thought this would be an excellent way to participate in something!!
I'm really getting into this card making, but, boy is it taking time away from my scrapbooking, where is the happy medium I wonder?
And Cricut Club has come around again, are the months getting shorter??
Thanks for popping by.
Love Jane

Friday, August 15, 2008

TWO Today!!

WOW - We have had the most fantastic day - DGD is now 2.

After a mammoth present opening session, which she really got excited with, we went swimming - which she really loves.
She attends swimming lessons weekly. Not really swimming lessons, more building confidence in the water (yep, they start them young in Australia. Well, we do live in the pool in this country. If we're not in the pool, we're at the beach!!). And Mummy wanted to show us how well DGD has been doing at her lessons. So we had a cool day at the pool.

Then it was home for an afternoon nap, lots of photo's, birthday cake and some games and balloons and stuff.

DGD finally got to bed at 8pm!!!! She's usually in bed at 6.30pm. But, she was one happy little girl.
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Love Jane

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Great Grandparents

This is a layout of my Great Grandparents (my Mother's Fathers parents). Nothing overly fussy, but I felt that it conveyed the age past quite well.

Sadly, long before I was born, Great Grandfather died at the age of 40, by accidental drowning.

He was involved in the construction of the pier in my home town, in 1916, (I come from a wee seaside town on the West coast of Scotland), and was trying to save somebody who had fallen into the sea.

Tragically, he was to lose his own life. Now, this has been common knowledge in the family for years (obviously), however, I don't know if the person he was trying to save survived.

I am going home to Scotland in a few weeks, and amongst the research I intend to do, I will have to endeavour to find out this missing piece of information.

I am sure it would have made the local paper of the time, interesting to know. Will let you know how I get on with that one later.

Great Grandmother lived to the ripe age of 72.

After Great Grandfathers death, he was entered into the Carnegie Roll of Heroes and Great Grandmother received a framed certificate of this honour, would love to know what has happened to that, what a treasured thing to be able to see. And, because of GG's heroic act, GGM was to receive a monthly sum from the Carnegie Fund, until her youngest child attained the age of 16.

A great help in those days, before the introduction of the welfare system - no work, no money, no food - hard times indeed.

My Grandfather was the third of four children, his younger sister was one at the time, so GGM would have been hard pressed to bring up the four without the help of her husband, considering the times. She did a wonderful job, as the generations after her are testament to that.

With that I will off to bed now. Work in the morning. Take care all.

Love Jane

Addit to post

I had already published this post when I noticed the date - 12th August - the date GG died, 92 years ago today. Not intentional I assure you........

Monday, August 11, 2008


Hi everybody, feels strange to be back, have had a week off from blogging while my candy was running.

Well, I had 23 comments, thank you all so much, I do appreciate your visits and comments, they make all this blogging stuff worthwhile.

There were actually 24 commenters, but one was my DD (Debz) bless her. So, I didn't put her name in the draw. Knowing my luck, it would have come out and you would have all thought it was a fix!!!!! LOL

DGD was given the honours of pulling out the winners, which she did beautifully. However, when I tried to photograph her holding the winners names, she decided she didn't want to play anymore. And, there's no way in the world to convince a nearly two year old to do something
she doesn't want to!!

So, anyway, we have two winners - 1st was Chris at Congratulations Chris, enjoy.

2nd was Christine at Congratulations Christine.

I wish I could send candy to all of you. Each and every one of you inspire me daily. I look forward to visiting your blogs on my web travels. Thank you again for taking part.

Love Jane

Monday, August 4, 2008

1000 Hits - Win Blog Candy

My counter has hit over 1000, thank you all for visiting my wee bit of the world wide web, and as a thank you I am offering some blog candy - we all love candy.

I have decided to offer two chances to win and all that you need to do is post a comment telling me your favourite scrapbooking/cardmaking technique - no need to subscribe or post on your blog.

Good luck blogging friends.....


heidi swapp white glitter florals - Bella! alphabet rub-ons - Kaiser self adhesive Clear Rhinestones - Four Studio G clear stamp sets - Jenni B 'Congratulations' ribbon - pack of 10 white/gold bows - 1 metre of white/gold 16mm organza ribbon.

Bella! alphabet rub-ons - Three Studio G clear stamp sets - Kaiser self adhesive cream pearls - 1 metre of cream 16mm organza ribbon - 1 metre cream 10mm organza ribbon.
Looking forward to hearing from you all (I will post international, so please join in) - will draw the winner at 6pm Monday 11th August (Perth, Western Australia time).
Love Jane

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hands of Love

Layout of DD, DSIL and DGD, photo's taken a year apart, when baby was born and again when she was a year old.
DGD will be two in a couple of weeks, so will try the same photo again, such nice memories and keepsakes.
Bazzill c/s, Doodlebug pp, and Basic Grey rub on. Title was computer generated and hand cut.
Off out tonight to a 'Masquerade Affair' with DH. Always wanted to wear one of those elaborate masks, the chance has arrived. Will post some photo's, if they turn out OK.
Thanks for dropping in.
Love Jane