Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Christmas in July

I've been dabbling with cards again. Everybody
seems to be into Christmas in July, and as it feels
like Christmas, weather wise, here in Perth, I
thought I would jump on the bandwagon before
July runs out, OMG, it's nearly August!!
This is my first attempt at watercolouring a
stamped image. A beautiful House Mouse stamp, love them all, Bazzill c/s, BG pp Figgy Pudding
of course and Prima flowers, ribbon from stash.
Still on a learning curve, and have realised, immediately, not to stamp on Bazzill c/s if
watercolouring - not a pleasing effect. Will try another one. Although I am pretty pleased with
the final result. Wasn't too ambitious with my choice of colours, just followed (copied) the stamp's
picture!!! LOL
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Love Jane

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Snow White

No, I haven't fallen off the edge of the world! I have been busy with my Cricut Club, good job it's only once a month. So, all over for another month.

I have posted a project I completed for last months club - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - and let me tell you, halfway through I was wishing that it was only four dwarfs!!

They are quite fiddly to put together, with all the tiny little pieces, especially their eyes. I did make one mistake - I gave Snow White blue eyes, then realised she has brown eyes, but what the heck, I wasn't making her again!!!

But, wow, were they worth doing, I love my Cricut, and the Happily Ever After cartridge is great. I got the idea for the project from another blog site a long time ago, and as that was prior to my blogging days I cannot remember who inspired me, so if it was you, Thank You xx

Thanks for dropping by

Love Jane

Monday, July 21, 2008

Haw Par Villa

Hi everybody visiting, thanks for dropping in for a few minutes. Today I have a double layout (I don't do many double pages, much prefer single layouts) from the cruise DH and I took a couple of years ago.
We spent four days in Singapore before we flew back to Oz, my first time back since 1971.
My father was posted there when he was in the RAF. We moved there in 1969 and returned to the UK in 1971. I still have some very strong memories of our time there.
This layout, using Kaiser's 'Hideaway' range is of our visit to Haw Par Villa (Tiger Balm Gardens). I remember scrambling about the displays with my wee brother back then. However, got a bit of a shock this time, it has become very run down and a lot of the displays have not been maintained, it was in a very poor state of repair, which was very sad.
Haw Par Villa was free to visit when we were there in the late 60s, and families would spend the day there having picnics and family time. Then, in the 80s, someone decided to put an entry charge on the Villa. Subsequently the number of visitors declined - families had been visiting Haw Par since the 40s (I think) for free.
Eventually, the entry fee was removed, but by that time (not sure of dates) the damage had been done, the visitors did not return, there wasn't enough money to maintain upkeep, and the result was the poor condition which we saw in 2006. (We did not have to pay to get in)
I do hope when we visit again, which we will, it has been restored to its former glory, it would be really sad to see such a visually stunning family park disappear, and I'm sure the people of Singapore would agree with me completely.
That's all for now. Love Jane

Saturday, July 19, 2008


A delightful layout of DGD from last summer. She had just seen a butterfly, and was in awe of it, not being familiar with them yet. Simple, yet beautiful, I love it!
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Love Jane

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Layout by DD

This layout was done by DD. She dabbles in scrapbooking, but is getting a bit more adventurous. I love this photograph, which was done professionally on DGD 1st birthday. Lots of Kindy Glitz used here.

Love Jane

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Candy

Maria over at www.mariascards.blogspot.com has some beautiful blog candy to give away in celebration of 5000 hits on her blog, very well deserved.

Pop over and have a browse, her site is inspirational xx

Love Jane

Monday, July 14, 2008


Double layout of DGD (photographed separately!!), when she had her first 'bunchies' in, back in February. Her hair isn't much longer yet, just a mass of blonde curls!

Layout inspired by my friend Sue, thanks Sue xx

Love Jane

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blog Candy

Head over to www.noregretsjustblessings.blogspot.com and tell Lashell, Scossie Jane sent you over, in the comments, for a chance to win some beautiful Creative Cafe stamps - in a beautiful wee tin - good luck!!

Love Jane

Friday, July 11, 2008


This is a double layout I did a while ago of my maternal grandmother (Agnes Barr) and her sister, brothers and my Great Grandparents.
I have a very special reason for posting this layout today - I have been a member of 'Genes Reunited' for some time and have managed to fill in a lot of my family tree via this site, I can go back to 1790 on my father's side.
Anyway, I have just been in contact with a relative in Canada who had the same names on his tree and wondered if I was any relation? 100% HIT.
We have the same Great Great Grandfather - William Ramsay - my NEW cousin comes down the tree from William's first wife, and I come down the tree from his second wife, I didn't even know he had had two wives, there you go - absolutely fascinating.
So, Martha Barr (maiden name Ramsay), the mother in the photo's above, is William Ramsay's daughter, the two girls - Agnes is my Mum's Mum, and Elizabeth, my dear Aunt Liz who died just before we emigrated to Australia at the age of 91 - their photo was taken in the 1920s - the only one of the two of them together, Gran died quite young, I never knew her.
The six boys all served during the second world war, two dying as young men as a result of war. The other four boys married, but only Uncle Angus, the baby of the family had children, he had one son, who himself has never married.
Aunt Liz never married, only Gran (Agnes) who had two children, my Mum (Martha) and my Uncle David.
So from eight children, my Great Gran only had three grandchildren and six great grandchildren, she died at the age of 93, five months to the day before her first great great grandchild was born, my DD.
My new Cousin's great grandfather (Thomas) is the half brother of my great grandmother (Martha), what a wonderful invention - the Internet.
Well that's all for todays post, working tonight, Friday Frenzy at THE store - six til midnight. Post again soon, thanks for popping in
Love Jane

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

12x12 Baby

Hi there blogging friends, thought I would post this project I made a while back of DGD (who else?) Isn't she just gorgeous.
Made from one piece of 12x12 Bazzill cardstock, a beautiful showcase for a collection of small photo's from her early months.
My favourite two are the santa hat - her first Christmas at four months - and the sink - just her size.
Have a lovely day, or night, dependent on where you are in the world, thanks for stopping by.
Love Jane

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is the latest photo of Rebekah and I. I thought I would post it as most of the layouts I am doing she is still a baby.
She actually posed for this, we got her to show her teeth, and she did. Trying to catch a photo of her looking at the camera for the last few months has proven very difficult.
So, hopefully this will be the first of many posey, girly photo's for granny to scrap - she is such a little cutie, love her to bits xx
Thanks for popping by
Love Jane

Monday, July 7, 2008

Daddy's Hand

So much for being over the flu, I've spent the day on the couch feeling really miserable and sorry for myself.

Anyway, thought I better post before I have an early night and hopefully be back to myself tomorrow.

This is a layout of DGD and her Daddy - photo's taken a year apart, amazing how quickly they grow isn't it, my goodness she'll be two next month, wonder if we should try the same 'pose' again?

Thanks for visiting.

Love Jane

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blog Candy at Pretty Pressings

If you love Magnolia Stamps you must hop over to www.rosaswelt.blogspot.com where Claudia is giving away the most awesome candy to celebrate 170,000 hits on her site (I will give away candy when I get to 1,000 hits - LOL!!!).

Claudia's site is amazing and so full of wonderful creations - HOT TIP make yourself a coffee to enjoy on your tour of her site, there is so much to see - enjoy!

Love Jane


Here is a layout of DD and DSILs wedding three years ago.
This is only the second time I have looked at the album since I made it, and I got a shock when I realised how much my style has changed in that short time.
I have used Anna Griffin paper on this double page as it screams 'wedding' to me, and I do love it.
These are the only pages I will posting from the album, as most of them are way too basic, and so different to what I am making now, though I wouldn't change a single page in the album - that was what I was doing then LOL
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Love Jane

Friday, July 4, 2008

Awarded again

I've just realised that Jeannie over at 'A Place for My Cards' has also nominated me for the Weblog Award - thank you Jeannie.

I was going to nominate you yesterday, then realised you already had it on your site, but didn't read any further down at the time to notice that you had nominated me!!!

So, thank you very much Jeannie, please visit Jeannie's Blog - you will be inspired xx

Love Jane


Lazing blogging for the last couple of days - it has been stocktake at the store - end of financial year here in Oz, and boy, is there a lot of stock in THE shop. Needless to say we are all so over it all, and now in need of R&R.

I've gotten over the flu now, but my legs are killing me, I'm not the fittest person on the planet and all that up and down, up and down, with stock take has rendered my leg muscles useless, and boy are they complaining.

Anyway, less of the moaning (who cares anyway LOL!!), this is a favourite layout of DGD using Creative Imaginations 'Narrative' range - love it, and a few other little bits and bobs added.

Thanks for visiting and happy 4th July to my American visitors xx

Love Jane

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Thank you soooooo much Carole for this award, which I receive with thanks. Thank you for taking time to visit my little part of the world wide web, and your lovely comments. You can visit Carole's blog at www.crayola58a.blogspot.com

The rules of this award are:-
1 The winner can put the logo on her/his blog
2 Link the person you received the award from
3 Nominate seven other blogs to win the award
4 Put links to those blogs on yours
5 Leave a message on the blogs you've nominated to receive this award.

My nominations go to these fantastic blogs:-

Ann at www.ann-icklehaggiscraftspot.blogspot.com
Peet at www.scrapalbum.blogspot.com
Angie at www.angiedelarie.blogspot.com
Nikki at www.monatyza.blogspot.com
Curt at www.curtsplayhouse.blogspot.com

Thanks again Carole

Love Jane

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baby Bekah

This layout has a cute story behind the title. I had finished the page, using Deja Views paper and some bits and bobs we all have lying around, I have also used Kindy Glitz (Stickles to you Americans) on the white felt, which goes very translucent when you take the backing paper off, and could not, as usual, think of a title, CUTE has served its time.

So, it was lying on the dining room table, where else, when in comes Rebekah (DGD), who is learning to talk. She is at the repeating everything stage.

She saw the photo and said 'Baby' then added 'Bekah'. Now I don't think for a minute she recognised herself from 15 months ago, but it was so cute(!!!!) that the page title was born. How cute (!!!) is that. LOL.

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Love Jane