Monday, July 21, 2008

Haw Par Villa

Hi everybody visiting, thanks for dropping in for a few minutes. Today I have a double layout (I don't do many double pages, much prefer single layouts) from the cruise DH and I took a couple of years ago.
We spent four days in Singapore before we flew back to Oz, my first time back since 1971.
My father was posted there when he was in the RAF. We moved there in 1969 and returned to the UK in 1971. I still have some very strong memories of our time there.
This layout, using Kaiser's 'Hideaway' range is of our visit to Haw Par Villa (Tiger Balm Gardens). I remember scrambling about the displays with my wee brother back then. However, got a bit of a shock this time, it has become very run down and a lot of the displays have not been maintained, it was in a very poor state of repair, which was very sad.
Haw Par Villa was free to visit when we were there in the late 60s, and families would spend the day there having picnics and family time. Then, in the 80s, someone decided to put an entry charge on the Villa. Subsequently the number of visitors declined - families had been visiting Haw Par since the 40s (I think) for free.
Eventually, the entry fee was removed, but by that time (not sure of dates) the damage had been done, the visitors did not return, there wasn't enough money to maintain upkeep, and the result was the poor condition which we saw in 2006. (We did not have to pay to get in)
I do hope when we visit again, which we will, it has been restored to its former glory, it would be really sad to see such a visually stunning family park disappear, and I'm sure the people of Singapore would agree with me completely.
That's all for now. Love Jane


Crayola58 said...

Jane, I just loved your LO. Isn't it sad when we go back to a place from our memories of yore and we find a sad sight indeed. I was born here in Phoenix 1937 so you can imagine the changes I've seen...!! The places that I grew up visiting, the picnics at the parks, the swimming pools.... in all of those many years past they are deteriorated or just plain scraped off the planet and a big high rise put in place. It's sad...But thankfully we have our wonderful memories. Anyway I do so love your layout.

Nikki said...

Wow, amazing LOs!! Love those papers and all the details you did. Awesome!

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Curt in Carmel said...

Gorgeous paper and layout! The colors are perfect and gives a true Asian feel to the pages. Just beautiful! Best, Curt

Glee said...

Very, very beautiful, Jane...I love how your photos just "pop" with your backgrounds and I love all the little bitties you added to made these fantastic! I so enjoy the stories you write with your layouts; they make them so personal and it helps me to get to know you better.

The butterfly on my card was made with the new Graphically Speaking cartridge. Just so you know this cartridge is worth every is the most amazing cartridge I have ever bought.

Glee said...

Here is a website to see what the cartridge I mentioned in my previous comment can do:

Enfys said...

Just found your blog whilst I was blog hopping and love it, your layouts are fantastic.