Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baby Bekah

This layout has a cute story behind the title. I had finished the page, using Deja Views paper and some bits and bobs we all have lying around, I have also used Kindy Glitz (Stickles to you Americans) on the white felt, which goes very translucent when you take the backing paper off, and could not, as usual, think of a title, CUTE has served its time.

So, it was lying on the dining room table, where else, when in comes Rebekah (DGD), who is learning to talk. She is at the repeating everything stage.

She saw the photo and said 'Baby' then added 'Bekah'. Now I don't think for a minute she recognised herself from 15 months ago, but it was so cute(!!!!) that the page title was born. How cute (!!!) is that. LOL.

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Love Jane


Heather (Craftling) said...

Wow! What a gorgeous layout! And Baby Bekah couldn't be any cuter!! lol ;o)

(Have also left a comment further down on your tag answers!)

Heather xx

Crayola58 said...

Hi Jane... I gave you an Award so please check on my blog under Awards.

Angie said...

Thats for the tag !!!
You are sooo nice ..only joking!!
Been soo busy that im doing it tonight ..How are u ???
Im on holidays now ..so have some more time up my sleeves Yahhh!!

Peet said...

Wow, what a great lo, Jane!!! Love it!

Nikki said...

Another beautiful creation! So beautiful!