Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Great Grandparents

This is a layout of my Great Grandparents (my Mother's Fathers parents). Nothing overly fussy, but I felt that it conveyed the age past quite well.

Sadly, long before I was born, Great Grandfather died at the age of 40, by accidental drowning.

He was involved in the construction of the pier in my home town, in 1916, (I come from a wee seaside town on the West coast of Scotland), and was trying to save somebody who had fallen into the sea.

Tragically, he was to lose his own life. Now, this has been common knowledge in the family for years (obviously), however, I don't know if the person he was trying to save survived.

I am going home to Scotland in a few weeks, and amongst the research I intend to do, I will have to endeavour to find out this missing piece of information.

I am sure it would have made the local paper of the time, interesting to know. Will let you know how I get on with that one later.

Great Grandmother lived to the ripe age of 72.

After Great Grandfathers death, he was entered into the Carnegie Roll of Heroes and Great Grandmother received a framed certificate of this honour, would love to know what has happened to that, what a treasured thing to be able to see. And, because of GG's heroic act, GGM was to receive a monthly sum from the Carnegie Fund, until her youngest child attained the age of 16.

A great help in those days, before the introduction of the welfare system - no work, no money, no food - hard times indeed.

My Grandfather was the third of four children, his younger sister was one at the time, so GGM would have been hard pressed to bring up the four without the help of her husband, considering the times. She did a wonderful job, as the generations after her are testament to that.

With that I will off to bed now. Work in the morning. Take care all.

Love Jane

Addit to post

I had already published this post when I noticed the date - 12th August - the date GG died, 92 years ago today. Not intentional I assure you........


Camilla said...

What a great work!! Thanks for joining my candy, and good luck!!;)
Hugs, Camilla.

Curt in Carmel said...

This is gorgeous! What a facinating story! I was enthralled through the whole telling of it! Great stuff! Best, Curt

Ann said...

Beautiful page Jane & a fabulous background story to go with it, thanks for sharing!! Oh & well done on your 1000 posts & blog candy too!!
Hope you're well!!
Love Ann xx

Crayola58 said...

This is a beautiful page, Jane, and I loved reading the story.