Thursday, August 28, 2008


What do you think of the title? Really original, huh!!

This is Blue Bunny. He is actually mine, an Easter present from DH back in 2001. Well, DGD has fallen in love with him, and drags him around the house by his ears!

He is nearly the same size as her, and a few months ago he was the same size, but, as nature intended, she is growing way fast, but still struggles to carry him.

It is way too cute watching her struggle along with him in tow - happy memories to look back on.

I have used Teresa Collins Journal-It Tags and Bazzill c/s to create the little concertina book, that is a great show case for lots of photo's on one page.

Thanks for dropping by.
Love Jane


Curt in Carmel said...

I can't get over how incredible this layout is! Totally awsome! The picture is adorable (as is the subject matter), but the layout is just amazing! You did an incredible job on this! Best, Curt

~Chris~ said...

Another Wow.. I love the Layout and colors.. The concertina book is such a great Idea. You are inspiring me to try this. And I love the Blue Bunny!

Glee said...

MARVELOUS, Jane, just MARVELOUS! Your DGD is so adorable, Blue is just precious and this layout is MARVELOUS!!!!!