Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Photo's

My first photo of DGD #2 - Erin.

She has a full head of hair, dark like her Granny. Mummy and Daddy are blonde, so she may change. But for now she's dark. Isn't she gorgeous. Have had lots of cuddles, and will be spending as much time with her as I can while I'm here.

This is DS with his daughter. DDIL wouldn't have her photo taken until she is feeling a bit better, can sympathise with that. So photo's of Mummy to follow.

And of course first photo's with Granny, see the resemblance? She is so tiny and perfect.
As you've probably realised, we arrived safely in Scotland, after a gruelling journey, via Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam, more about that later. DGD #1 was great on the journey, she slept most of the way, as the flights were overnight. We spent 15 hours in Kuala Lumpur, went to visit the Petronas Towers, and had quite an adventure, photo's to follow.
I have gained internet access (obviously!!!), which doesn't involve my Dad's phone bill (thank goodness), but boy, is it slow, slow, slow. Took me nearly half an hour just to upload three photo's to my blog!!!!
Maybe I'm just too used to high speed broadband at home. But, I'm thankful I will be able to post while on holiday.
So, lots of photo's to come and also the projects from this months Cricut Club, which the girls have asked me to post while I'm away - no Cricut Club in October - Didn't realise I would be missed that much.
So, will be posting them over the next couple of weeks - stay tuned...
Thanks for dropping by
Love Jane


Vicki Fitz said...

Jane she is gorgeous!!!! Oh so perfect and what lovely hair!! Can't wait to see photos of the 2 girls together. Bless her and her family!! xx
(PS sorry if this got posted twice!)

Jenae said...

She is gorgeous Jane... can't wait to see more!!
Hope you have a great trip and enjoy spending some great time with your family!
Take Care

Crayola58 said...

Jane, how absolutel precious!!! Thanks for taking the time to upload. Have a great time with your family.

carol said...

Congratulations Jane, these pictures are treasures! Erin is absolutely gorgeous, you must be so proud :)
Give my best to the new Mummy & Daddy, and have a wonderful time with them on your visit.
I hope you have a good flight back to Oz :)

Carol x

Kathleen said...

Oh isnt she just gorgeous Jane!! What a mop of hair she has! And what a beautiful pickie of you :)

Curt in Carmel said...

Congrats to all of you! And yes, she is gorgeous! Daddy looks so proud, and grandma is beaming! I'm so glad your trip was a safe one! Enjoy your visit! Best, Curt

Ann said...

Oh Jane - how gorgeous is your new addition to the family!! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!! Congratulations to you & your family xxx

~Chris~ said...

Congrats on the new Granddaughter. She is beautiful. Hope you are enjoying your Time with them.