Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brissie Update

G'day from Brisbane, Australia.....

Thought I would post these first
two photo's of DGDs as a reminder of the
weather in Scotland when I left....

And the
 weather in Australia below....

DH and I went to Cairns when
 I returned from Perth, and
 we had such an adventure.

This is on board the Reef Encounter
on our way to explore the
 Great Barrier Reef

And, what did we do there?

Well, I snorkeled.
 What an experience, the reef is amazing,
so colourful and teeming with life

I do have underwater photo's
 of my snorkeling adventure,
but they haven't been developed yet!!

DH went one better,
 he went scuba diving at the Reef...

The next day we did this....


This photo is half way up a mountain,
with stunning views of Cairns below.

I have never been on a scooter before
- great fun

We saw people who had hired cycles
- I would never have gotten up that mountain

We had a ball.....

Lunch at a great wee pub
- with view of the mountain behind....

Breather break at a swimming hole,
no we didn't go in...

Always wanted to be a Bikie Chick
- does a scooter count?

When we got back to Brisbane,
I had a wonderful day out with two
gorgeous ladies who live in Brisbane
- Tracey and Annette

Tracey, Annette and I are on the
 Stuck On U Sketches
Design Team

Tracey and I have known each other
for a long time, but it was the
first time we had met Annette,
and what a lovely lady she is.

We had coffee and then Annette
 took us to a great Scrapbooking Store
 in her part of town. It was lovely
spending time together, and when
 I come back to Brissie
(I leave for Scotland tomorrow)
 we are going to get together
for some scrappy time - can't wait...

I have managed to do some
 scrapping while I have been here,

I bought a couple opf kits
when I was over in Perth,
and have spent some time
putting them together.

The first two kits were bought from
 "Tomorrow's Memories"
 in Bassendean, Perth

The next kit from "Made With Memories"
 in Rockingham, Perth

This last layout I made from
some cheapy stuff I managed
to get in Big W here in Brisbane,
not what I would usually buy,
but not a lot of choice...

Loving these little playing cards from Kaiser....

I caught up with Mandy from
 Scrappy Go Lucky
while I was in Perth,
and we had a great scrappy
session together. I was able
to play with some Pion papers
 (have admired them for a long time,
and was able to buy the collection from Mandy)

I designed a Christmas layout
 for her with the Pion papers
 and Cricut while there,
 and never thought to take a photo of it.
 Hopefully she will post it on
 the Scrappy Go Lucky Blog
at some point nearer to Christmas,
so I can see it again....

So, that's me for now.
I leave Brissie at 2.30 on Monday morning,
and I'm hoping to take some
of the beautiful Australian sunshine
home with me.

Talk again once I'm back in Scotland

Hugs for now

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