Tuesday, January 29, 2013

15 Missing Layouts - SOUS

Only two days to go until the
Blog Hop
Hope you have marked your calendar.
We don't want you to miss a moment
of the fun and inspiration,
not to mention all the Candy!!!!
In the meantime,
here is a little sneak of a
project that I have been
 thinking about for some time.
The 100th sketch, which will go
 live on Friday 1st February
 (in 2 Days!!)
 has made me accomplish this project....
What is she wittering about,
get on with it...lol!!

As most of you know,
I have been with SOUS
 (though not always on the DT)
 since sketch # 1
The FIRST Stuck On U Sketches
 sketch went live on 1st October 2009,
 and I just thought I would
post again my
very first layout from the
 very 1st Sketch....

Now, to bring me up to date,
I have only missed 15
 of those 100 sketches
(well, #100 won't be posted until Friday,
but, you know what I mean)
So, I have now done
 those missing 15 sketches,
and here are the 15 missing layouts....
I will not repost all the sketches,
 you can go back to the
SOUS Blog History
 if you want to try the same idea....
I have done these
 15 layouts 8 x 8,
 where I always scrap at 12 x 12,
 but time was against me....
Here we go.....
Below from Sketch # 20 - 19th March 2010


Below from Sketch # 22 - 2nd April 2010

Below from Sketch # 29 - 4th June 2010

Below from Sketch # 35 - 6th August 2010

Below from Sketch # 41 - 29th October 2010

Below from Sketch # 56 - 27th May 2011

Below from Sketch # 69 - 25th November 2011

Below from Sketch # 70 - 9th December 2011

Below from Sketch # 71 - 23rd December 2011

Below from Sketch # 72 - 6th January 2012

Below from Sketch # 73 - 20th January 2012

Below from Sketch # 74 - 3rd February 2010

Below from Sketch # 75 - 17th February 2012

Below from Sketch # 76 - 2nd March 2012

Below from Sketch # 77 - 16th March 2012

I can now say that I have done
 EVERY sketch
that Stuck On U Sketches
 has posted, and to be a part of
the Design Team for SOUS
 is an honour and a privilege,
 and it keeps my mojo going....
Now, what to do with
fifteen 8x8 layouts,
 2 of them doubles (don't like doubles,
 but I did them!), which makes for
 17 pages.
A mini album of course....

Now, don't forget our
Blog Hop on Friday,
 we have a few sponsors for the Hop
 and I, and many of the DT
 have individual candies
 on our Blogs too
Don't miss it....

Here is a wee sneak of
my 100th layout for

See you on Friday....


Stine Ursin said...

AMAZING Jane!! Love your album

caroleanne said...

Hi Jane, this is amazing, what fabulous pages and what a great idea, i might join you in this!!

Lizzyc said...

Wow Jane that is amazing to say you have done the 100 sketches.. and they all look wonderful too!!

Fern said...

Jane, you are simply AWESOME!!!!!! I love every one of the layouts and the mini album is gorgeous!!!!! Hugs!!!!

Sandi Cl~ said...

Jane, you amaze me! This just pulls on the strings of my heart big time! Thank you for doing this! It is so very beautiful! Love that new frond die .. it is so cool! Hugs!

annette said...

OMG !!! Jane you are an absolute scrapping queen ... I'll find you a crown next time you're in OZ (February) .. luvs ya hugz x:)

Tracey said...

OMG is right!! Wow....awesome job, the pages look wonderful! You sure have been busy. Love the gorgeous mini album. I think you are queen of mini's. Hugs my friend.....see you soon I hope!