Thursday, May 26, 2016

Layout Reveal - at last!!!!

Hello again everyone.

So good to be back in Blogland
after a year out.

So much has been happening that I just
needed time to deal with the new house
and other exciting happenings.

But, I thought I would start out by
revealing the layout that I posted a
sneak peek for on 10th April
last year!

It was a sketch from my old
Design Team at Stuck On U Sketches,
which has sadly now closed.

I'm still deciding whether to join another
Design Team, but just don't seem
to have the time.
Will wait and see.

Anyway, this is a photo from my
trip to Philadelphia a couple of years ago,
at Independence Hall.

This was the sketch...

Lots of close ups

Now for an update on family matters....

Meet Granddaughter # 4


Born September last year

Here I am with my four Granddaughters
Rebekah (9), Erin (7), Emma (6) and little Olivia.

Olivia is son's second daughter.
So, my daughter and son both have
two daughters each!

Our other addition to the family is Charlie

Full title 'Miss Charlie Banks'

The Granddaughters named her

She's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,
born in October last year, and joined
our family in January this year.

Charlie is my first ever dog.

She's a bit bigger than this now.
Will have to get a more up to date photo of her.

Poor darling hubby.
Surrounded by all these girls!!!

Well, that's me for now.

Feels good to be blogging again,
though did take me a wee while
to remember what to do - lol.

Now I must tidy up my sidebars
- wee bit out of date now.

I will hopefully be getting around
to visiting you all soon.

Hugs for now


Sandi Clarkson said...

So glaf to see you post. I've missed your beautiful work. Glaf that all is well with you! Xxoo

Lizzyc said...

Hi Jane! So good to see you blogging again! Lovely layout and beautiful grand daughter So! And sweet puppy too she will bring you a lot of love! All well over here'..

Tracey said...

Hey there You.......So great to see you blogging again! Life is the knew additions to your family. Beautiful photo of you and your grand daughters Jane :) Oh , fabulous layout too! See you again soon.