Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Home from London...

What a fantastic time we had
in London.
Daughter, Deborah.
Granddaughter, Rebekah.
And Me....
On the train to London - it
only took four and a half hours
from Glasgow.
When we lived in London when
 I was a kid, we would travel
 to Scotland to visit with family.
It took ten hours!!
We used to travel by sleeper
 - it was such a long journey.
Thank goodness for progress!!

First stop on the Friday night
after we arrived was a place
I have never been before
We always go to Fortnum & Mason's.
So, this time I was determined
 to get to Harrods.
Mighty expensive store,
but I did treat myself to
 a gorgeous bag!

Saturday morning saw
 us off to Rebekah's highlight
of the weekend!
The Sylvanian families store.

A little girl's dream.

Everything available in one place!

Just a few
She did have her own birthday
 money to spend, and Mummy and
 Granny bought her a
 few pieces too!

Then some (window) shopping,
after daughter made a few
 purchases at
Abercrombie & Fitch!

The London Underground.
Must be one of the most
efficient in the world!
We were on and off those tubes
 like I don't know what, and we
 never had to wait more than
 one minute for one.
Altogether the best way to get
around London.

Piccadilly Circus.

Hanging off the back of an
 original London Double Decker.
Health and Safety put paid to
 them many years ago!

Sunday morning - the pool
 at the hotel.

Then the highlight of my trip,
Buckingham Palace.
Sadly, no camera's allowed inside the palace.
But, all the pictures I could
have taken are on the Net
anyway - just Google
On display at the Palace this year
are the Queen's Coronation Gown
 and Robes and the Regalia
from the Coronation 60 years ago
 in 1953 - fascinating.
The Gown was gorgeous,
and must have weighed a ton.
The Palace is as opulent
 as you imagine.
Lots of red and gold and art
 and sculptures - imagine living there!

Then tea and scones in the
 garden - where the Queen holds
 her Garden Parties in the summer.

Then it was off to the
Grosvenor Hotel for a
 Champagne High Tea.

More opulence.
Oh, how the other half

And to round off Sunday...
 at The Lyric Theatre.

Absolutely fantastic.
This lad was so good,
you could almost believe you
 were watching
Michael himself.
He kept his hat down to maintain
 the illusion - fabulous.
He must study Michael's moves
 for hours - excellent.
Rebekah loved it.
 She has fallen in love with
 Michael's music over the last year,
and is still too young to quite
 understand what death is
 - she was quite convinced
 it was him!
"See Granny, it IS Michael Jackson"

Then to finish off our weekend
 we had a few hours before we
caught the train back
 to Scotland.
We started off at the Palace....

Walked the length of
The Mall to Admiralty Arch...

Onto Trafalgar Square
Nelson's Column....

Did I happen to mention....
Can't wait 'til my next trip.
Need to take Hubby
- can't believe he's
 never been to



Lizzyc said...

Oh it sounds like a fabulous time, wonderful photos too!! Now back to reality!!

Tracey said...

I want to visit! I remember all these places from years ago...great photos, looks like you had a wonderful time!