Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stranded in Paris !!!!!!

I'm still alive.
And, as you can guess from the title,
we got caught up in the
Air Traffic Controllers strike
 in France.
But, on the bright side,
our 6 day break to Paris
 became a 10 day break!!!!
Sadly, however,
 I missed my
Dad's 80th Birthday.
We should have been home the
 day before it, but.....
So, Belated Happy 80th
 to my
Beautiful Dad.
Now, the rest of this post
is pretty picture heavy,
but oh my, what a beautiful
 city Paris is. So much to do
 - and boy, were my feet
 sore at the end of each day!!!!
So, here are a few!!! of
 the many pictures hubby
and I took on our
extended stay in Paris...
First photo,
 One of the two Fountains
 at Place de la Concorde
 (where Anne Hathaway throws her
mobile phone in "The Devil Wears Prada"
 - love that

The Louvre

Pont Alexandre III
 The most ornate and gorgeous
bridge in Paris,
 finished in 1900.

Bicycle ride through the city.
 With somebody else doing
 the legwork....

Inside the Opera House

The Moulin Rouge
Dinner and the show
 - fabulous

Halfway up the Eiffel Tower!!

Attaching a padlock at the top
 of the Eiffel Tower.
I threw the keys in the Seine
when we went for a river cruise....

The Statue of Liberty
A 37ft exact replica
of the one the French gave to the USA.
The Paris statue faces her
 much larger sister in New York Harbour.
It has been my life's ambition
 (well, since the age of about 12)
 to see the Statue of Liberty in New York.
I will one day......

So, this was pretty special to me....

Place de la Concorde, again.

The inverted pyramid at the Louvre.
We stood in front of THE "Mona Lisa" "Winged Victory" and "Venus de Milo" not to mention hundreds of other priceless pieces of art

The gargoyles on top of Notre Dame Cathedral - home of Quasimodo....

The Arc de Triomph

Chateau de Versailles

A wee, tiny bit of the gardens at Versailles

Joan of Arc on horseback

Dinner at the Eiffel Tower,
 on what was supposed to
 be our last night in Paris.....

With our unexpected extra
 four days in Paris we
 went to Disneyland Paris.
It poured the whole day
 - can't have it all.....

I found Liberty here

So, we're finally home
and catching up with stuff
 and I'm frantically trying
 to get my DT layout
 done for SOUS on time....
Watch this space.



Lizzyc said...

Oh dear I hope your dad understands, but wow to have extra days in Paris can't be that bad.. great photos!!

Sandi Cl~ said...

Glad you are home safe!

Tracey said...

Oh Jane, the photo's are fabulous! Wow, I have to get back there some day. Your dress looks very pretty and I love....really love your Mickey rain boots....very cool! Mandy and Sophie stayed with me a few weeks ago for four days, had lots of fun! Take care xo

caroleanne said...

Your Paris trip looks amazing! even if it did rain! Lucky you.