Monday, January 5, 2009


The beautiful Carole, over at Paper Arts, has given me an award, which I accept with delight.
Carole creates wonderful cards with her Cricut and is a design team member for Bitten By The Bug, if you haven't been to her site yet pop over now to see some of her work at
Thanks again Carole xx
However, as always there are rules - I have to list 5 addictions and 5 favourite bloggers to whom I present the award.
Here goes:-
1 Coca Cola - it's the ONLY thing I drink - literally!!
2 ribbon...
3 Stamps - Acrylic and wood
4 Paper
5 Shopping
And I am pleased to NOT list an addiction that would have been there six weeks ago ........... smoking.
I am so proud of myself. After smoking for a lifetime (36 years to be precise) I have to admit I started when I was 11 !!!!! It was the 70s - way cool (NOT) then.
I can see you all doing the math as to my age - 47 in two weeks!!
Anyway, I can now call myself a non smoker - I don't smoke!!!! I just pray that's it and I don't relapse. I have heard of so many people stopping for years, and then suddenly starting again.
Wish me luck.
Now to 5 favourite bloggers - this one is hard. There are so many sites I visit on a daily basis - forgot to add that to my addictions - No 6 = blogging.
1 Curt is inspirational. He creates the most beautiful cards and makes it look so effortless. He visits my little blog often and is always full of encouragement and friendly banter.
2 Carole is gorgeous. Her creations are truly wonderful and I visit regularly to see what she has been up to back there in the UK.
3 Peet makes the most awesome cards in the world. Her colour combinations are always perfect. I remain in awe of her work. I visit regularly, and she never runs out of ideas, amazing.
4 Kathleen is on our design team here at Scrapbooks From The Heart and she makes the most beautiful layouts - stitching is always involved. She has the most adorable little boy, and I have been watching the antics of daddy building his first cubby - too cute.
5 Christine - what can one say. She has the most artisitc eye and all her creations, cards, layouts and OTP, are stunning. When you visit her site, scroll back to her archives and wallow in the eye candy.
Well, there we have it. I could have put loads more names here, next time.
Off to their sites to let them know. Cards to post tomorrow.
Night night Love Jane xx


carol said...

Thank you Jane, for the award and your very kind comments :)
Well done on giving up the dreaded white things!!

Carol x

Kathleen said...

Awww, thanks so much Jane!! Perhaps I should list stitching as an addiction, lol... :)

Congrats on quitting smoking! No more ducking out on Friday night scraps! Speaking of which...will I see you on the 23rd??


Crayola58 said...

Oh Jane, congratulations on the no smoking. I know the deal first hand. I smoked for years, and although at the time I said I put away 3 packs a day (then they were 55 cents a pack) I burned most of them up.
I was killing myself, and my doctor helped me stop. I had tried and tried but failed. What an awful addiction.

Peet said...

Thank you sooo much Jane!!!!!!!