Sunday, December 21, 2008

Xmas Hat

Hi everybody - nearly Christmas. Hope you are all organized, and able to enjoy the time of year, it all gets a bit hectic doesn't it, and we forget to get into the festive spirit.

This is a layout from Christmas last year. I started the tradition of the 'Hat' in 2006 when DGD #1 was five months old.

That first year was easy to get the photo, just plonked the hat on her head and voila - beautiful photo (will post it later) she was too little to realise what was happening !!! - last year, not so easy. She did not like it and this layout shows some of the out takes.

I did eventually get a beautiful photograph ( will post it later), but I must have taken nigh on 200 photo's to get it. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

I'm sure you're all familiar with that.

As for this years photo - still working on it - she still does not like anything on her head. Does it ever get any easier with children???!!!
When my two were little, we weren't taking photographs like this and certainly not in the numbers we are taking today. I'm sure you all remember that.
I'm hoping DS in Scotland will take a similar photo of DGD #2. If he does I'll post it after Christmas.
Well, thanks for dropping in.
Love Jane

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Nikki said...

Awesome LO! Love all the details!