Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LOTS & LOTS of Photo's

Faith in my Darling Husband has been restored!! He's fixed it!!!

As you can see, I can now upload as many photo's as I want.
This is DGD #1 in her Hallowe'en costume - the perfect pictures for my Pumpkin Patch layout - isn't she adorable (brag brag haha)

And the little shoes were so cute.

Off we go 'Trick or Treating' - pointing out Granny's car on the way!

This is a photo from back in Scotland, very blustery. It actually wasn't raining at this point - very strange - but it was about to!!!
That's my home town in the background.

These next photo's are of the Carnegie Hero Fund Book. A very important mission for me while I was back home.
My Great Grandfather drowned back in 1916, attempting to save a man's life and lost his own. The other man survived.

Great Grandfather was honoured as a hero by the Carnegie Hero Fund, and his widow and four children received money from the fund until the youngest was 16.

In the first photo that's a bust of Andrew Carnegie behind me. He was at the time of the setting up of the fund, in 1908, the richest man in the world. He was born in Dunfermline Scotland and his family emigrated to America when he was young where he made his fortune in the American Steel Industry.
The Book is kept at his birthplace in the cottage where he was born in Dunfermline. There are 11 such Books of Hero's, throughout the world, in his name - what a legacy.

I was amazed at how elaborate The Book was - it's real gold and amethysts on the cover and all the calligraphy inside is hand painted.
Great Grandfather is in the first Book, there are now four volumes, however, they are not so elaborate now (sign of the times?) and the Fund is still going strong.
It was fascinating listening to the curator of the Museum telling me the story of the Fund and the Books and I felt honoured to be a part of it - my family will always be grateful for the help the Fund gave to my Great Grandmother and her children, my Grandfather was eight at the time when his father drowned - a proud and humbling moment for me.
Love the white gloves too - made it feel really important, as indeed it is.
Thanks for listening - back to normal next post.
Love Jane xx


~Chris~ said...

Beautiful Pics of your DGC.. Love the Costume.
That Book looks amazing..
Hope you have a great Weekend

Ann said...

Superb photo's Jane, your DGD is just so cute in her Halloween outfit!!
Lovely weather, very unusual for Bonnie Scotland - LOL!! Freezing today & white & frosty out atm!!! Love the story of your Grandfather & how amazing to hold & be pictured with the Carnegie book. Makes me think of my Gran, who used to always say "Who do you think I am - Carnegie??" when I asked for money for 'the van'..........sure you know what I mean Jane!! LOL!! Great to see you back in Blog land. Take care!!
Love & Hugs
Ann xxxx

Curt in Carmel said...

What an adorable baby!!!!! That costume . . .OMG!! Just want to pick her up and hug her! The other photos are wonderful! What a great storm shot! The Book is amazing too. How wonderful you got to see, touch, and hold it. What a great hero your Great Grandfather was! Such a wonderful story and my heartfelt thanks for sharing it! And you better hug that husband of yours bunches for fixing your upload problem! Cheers to him! Best, Curt

Crayola58 said...

Your DGD is darling, Jane. And what a great read on that book and family. So interesting, and very much something to be so proud of.